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Busy does not mean profitable.

Recently, I figured out why my profits are down!

And I need to warn others that they might

have the same problem I do!


It is called Internet Marketer Attention

Deficit Disorder. Or for short I.M.A.D.D. -


Check yourself… you may have this, too!

If your day is like mine, you may have the same disorder!

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Writing with Keyword Density in Mind

Unique content’s ability to produce higher placement in search engine results is one of the chief reasons webmasters hire content writers.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of content in this regard, one must write with keyword density in mind.  If one approaches the work properly, they can produce material that is optimized for both readers and search engines.  As a content writer, you must be well-acquainted with some of the guiding principles related to optimizing the work your produce.

Keyword density refers to the number of times an identified keyword appears within a given piece of text relative to the entire length of that text.  It is usually expressed as a percentage.  Although there are many perspectives regarding what constitutes an optimal keyword density, most would agree that a rate somewhere between 1% and 5% is usually adequate.  This means that a designated keyword will appear in an article one to five times for every one hundred words.  If one is seeking a density of approximately 1.5% for a five hundred word article, the keyword should make seven or eight appearances.

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The Need for Speed: Five Tips for Faster Writing

Guest Post by Carson Brackney

This post is not about trade-offs (real and imagined) involving quantity and quality.

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Ezine Articles Review

Another Writer Wrangler Writers Review
by Corena Golliver

In short this review says that EzineArticles.com (EZA) has been the “king of the directories” for years and consistently produces better results than other directory sites. 

The long version…

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Writing Content and Eating Lamb

by Carson Brackney

I hate lamb.  I don’t like it with mint jelly (double my displeasure).  I don’t like the lamb ribs at Jackstack’s.  I’d rather spend my life choking down NJ diner scrapple or San Antonio street fair tripe tacos than to force another spoonful of mutton past my tongue.

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What To Do With Your Free Time?

Writer tag cloudAs a working writer you may need down time to sharpen your brain and to get ready to write again.

I am going to add posts about downtime projects that can refresh your imagination and revive you… So you can get back in there and write, write, write!

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Worth Reading–Content Mills, Google and More

I’m not interested in jumping into the ongoing war about content mills and pricing for freelance writing today, but I will point you toward a blog post on the topic.

Carson Brackney’s post about content mills and those who hate them is worth reading.  Even if you don’t agree with him 100%, I think you’d have to admit he makes a few good points.

If nothing else, he gets bonus points for mentioning Denny’s, West Side Story, endongo lyre music and Tiger Woods in a single post!

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Why Freelance Writers Shouldn’t Waste Much Time with Craigslist

By Lil’ Herbert Fuchida

craigslist_casual_encounters1I’m sure someone out there in Writerland is doing a wonderful job of finding good jobs on Craigslist. If you’re that person, you’re the exception to the rule.

Overall, Craigslist has become one of the worst possible places to go gig hunting. Somewhere along the way, the soulless scammers and thieves and the self-righteous elitists of the online content world all decided to make a stand on the free classified site.

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TM, SM, and R – What’s a Writer to Do?

penguintm1By Writer Wrangler Writer Rhonda Day

What’s up with all of these symbols and why does it matter anyway?

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Doing the Impossible: Providing Quality Content

by Carson Brackney

156_flying_blind_pLet’s get the obvious stuff out of the way…

In terms of online success, content is critical. That’s why people are willing to pay you to write.

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