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Ezine Articles Review

Another Writer Wrangler Writers Review
by Corena Golliver

In short this review says that EzineArticles.com (EZA) has been the “king of the directories” for years and consistently produces better results than other directory sites. 

The long version…


Why Freelance Writers Shouldn’t Waste Much Time with Craigslist

By Lil’ Herbert Fuchida

craigslist_casual_encounters1I’m sure someone out there in Writerland is doing a wonderful job of finding good jobs on Craigslist. If you’re that person, you’re the exception to the rule.

Overall, Craigslist has become one of the worst possible places to go gig hunting. Somewhere along the way, the soulless scammers and thieves and the self-righteous elitists of the online content world all decided to make a stand on the free classified site.


Helium Review


Where the Best Articles Rise to the Top
 Another Writer Wrangler Review By Zoe Day


Suite 101 – A Sweet Deal

Another Writer Wrangler Writer’s Review
By Zoe Day

Being a writer for online or offline content is the passion of many people who have the skills, experience, and desire to write. Finding the best opportunities possible should be foremost on a writer’s mind. An independent journalist and freelance writer achieving recognition and fame through the creation of hundreds and thousands of credible, high quality, reputable articles, eBooks, and other content is a dream come true for most.


Get a Freelancer Review

Not my top pick of bidding sites that’s for sure.  Low prices, tons of emails, and lots a junk to wade through.  However with over 500,000 service providers, they must be doing something right!

While they are flooded with projects and there is never a lack of work to sort though, it can take all day and if you are very lucky you might find a project that pays half way decent wages. According to their statistics, there are about 300 projects posted everyday, so you are bound to find something that suits you!


Constant Content – Where Reprints Count!


Thank you for reading another great Writer Wrangler Review

By Our Own Katie-Anne


Google Checkout…Finally An Alternative Payment Method For Writers


For as long as people have been buying goods and services on the Internet, there has been only one major option to collect payment, the 800lb gorilla known only as PayPal. While the latter part of the name might lead one to infer it’s a friendly payment option, many writers have found it to be the contrary.
The only other option to date was signing up for costly merchant accounts to accept credit cards directly, which for anyone that has done this, knows is no small feat. Imagine the pain of going to the DMV combined with the agony of waiting in line at the bathroom during halftime of your favorite sporting event, and you have the precise emotional meltdown one feels singing up for a merchant account.

So what’s next, if PayPal is evil, and merchant accounts are torture, dare we ask our clients for cash?


Site Review: www.guru.com

*Another Great Writer Wrangler Site Review: www.guru.com

By Laura Spencer

I have been a member at guru.com since before it was called guru.com (the site used to be known as CreativeMoonligher.com. There also used to be related sites called ITmoonlighter.com, OFFICEmoonlighter.com, and BIZmoonlighter.com. All of the sites were part of an overarching site called Emoonlighter.com.). My involvement with the site has always been solely as a guru (independent contractor).

At one time I even had a paid membership. My current membership is a free membership. (Ironically enough, the times I did get work through this site I was not a paying member.)

Things I Like About guru.com

  • Navigation. I have looked at several other job bidding sites. I find the interface at www.guru.com to be clean and easy to follow.
  • Project tracking. This site provides a project list of projects that I’ve bid on (Project Tracker), a Watch List for project that I’m interested in, and summary of past jobs.
  • Online resume and portfolio. I like the convenience of having a resume stored online and readily available for potential clients to see. (Some levels of paid membership also allow you to link to websites that you have created or to create an online portfolio.) 
  • Regular leads. Even as a nonpaying member I receive more leads (averaging about six a month) from this site than from any of the other bidding sites where I am registered as a free member.
  • Invoicing tool. Not only does the site provide an online invoicing tool, but also it keeps a record of every invoice that you’ve ever sent. I can still see invoices that I sent out over three years ago.
  • Prompt Payment. I was paid quickly (within a few days) by direct deposit for the jobs that obtained through this site.
  • Feedback Rating. I like being able to see how other contractors rated employers. I confess that I was a little nervous about being rated myself thinking that I might be downgraded unfairly, but it turned out that I received a high rating.
  • Help System. The online help for this site is excellent.

Things I Don’t Like About guru.com

Rent A Coder Review

Working with RentaCoder

RentACoder (also known as RAC) was one of the first freelancing sites that I joined when I decided that having been published in print I was no longer interested in query/submission process, but wanted to pursue a more regular writing job instead.  A friend suggested I take a look at RAC and I liked what I saw – or more importantly, I understood what I saw!

Two years down the road, I’ve quite a lot of freelance experience, especially as a ghostwriter, and I’m still with RentaCoder and that in itself is a good recommendation but the site isn’t without its flaws.  For writers who want to follow a similar work path to that I walk, it’s definiately a site that shouldn’t be discounted.